Corporate Social Responsibility

Our work to provide as many foster children and young people in the UK as possible with a stable and caring environment in which to grow and succeed has allowed us to give tens of thousands of looked-after young people the opportunities in life in which they otherwise have missed out on.

When working alongside our chosen charities, we strive to provide equal opportunities to people from all walks of life, whether it involves working with birth and foster children within our local communities, or even children in different continents who are equally in need of our help and support.

Our schools, social workers, foster carers and others associated with NFA Group across the UK come together throughout the year to raise funds for our two chosen charities, details for which are below:


Place2Be is a UK based children’s mental health charity focused on school-based support. They work to encourage schools to acknowledge and improve the emotional wellbeing of the entire school network from pupils and families to teachers and school staff.

Working across over 280 schools and supporting around 160,000 school children, Place2Be regularly conduct in-depth training programmes with the aim of putting a structure in place which enables children to learn coping mechanisms and mental resilience in which to more easily navigate the stresses and strains associated with growing up in the modern world.

Much like the NFA Group, Place2Be work with adults and children from a variety of different backgrounds, including those with a history of emotional, behavioral and social problems as a result of wide-ranging and complex issues such as bullying, trauma, family breakdown and neglect.

Cooks & Kids

NFA Group Cooks and Kids cook books

Cooks & Kids was an initiative started by the NFA Group to pull together a child-friendly recipe book with a difference. Children were asked to come up their favourite culinary creations before celebrity chefs including Gregg Wallace and Aldo Zilli would take it in turns to turn mouth-watering food ideas into reality.

Fun and easy-to-follow cooking instructions accompanied by an image gallery with the celebrity chefs and children in action were made into a purchasable cookbook. All proceeds from the sale of the book went directly to Place2Be to help them continue their brilliant work.

Find out more and buy the recipe books

Child’s I Foundation

Child’s i Foundation: “We make families, not orphans – we want to see every child and young person in Uganda grow up in a loving family”.

With over 50,000 children in Uganda growing up in orphanages, despite many having family members who had to give them up on the promise that they would have a ‘better’ life, Child’s i Foundation works to ensure these children don’t have to give up their childhood or life prospects by reuniting them with their families or placing them within an established foster care network.

With a team of experienced social workers who manage the safe transition of children back to their families or into safe foster placements, Child’s i also continue to work with Government officers and social worker NGO’s in local Ugandan communities to equip them with the skills necessary to prevent children having to go into orphanages in the first place.

Lucy Buck, CEO and Founder of Child’s i, has managed to setup a robust and life-changing foundation which is alleviating some of the state pressures on families in terms of provision of school and medical fees by partnering with an education partner who has committed to pay for foster children school fees and medical bills.   

Charity Raffle 2018

In 2018 we continued our support for Child’s i Foundation with our conference charity raffle and raised some valuable funds for this wonderful charity.