Our Vision, Mission and Values

We take our responsibility to so many vulnerable children and young people across the country seriously, as such Our Vision, Mission and Values are embedded into our culture and are lived and breathed each and every day by each and every employee in the Group.

As the largest independent children services provider in the UK, we deliver:

  • High-quality foster care through our dedicated foster parents,
  • Provision of specialist education for children and young people with SEND who cannot partake in mainstream education
  • Residential care situated near the child or young person’s place of learning.

NFA Group Vision Mission and Values 2018

Our Vision

This is our aspirational statement of what we want to be. It’s our rallying call. It is what we want everyone involved with our business to feel when they get out of bed in the morning:


This statement emphasises how we try to help not only our vulnerable children and young people we look after but also vulnerable children and young people in the care of others through our influence, size and scale.

Most importantly, it is about helping these vulnerable young people to be happy, alongside encouraging their understanding of their place in society and empowering them to work out how they are going to make their way in the world. While we can’t physically do this for them, we can and do act as guides to their futures.

Our Mission  

In line with Our Vision – Our Mission outlines how we will turn Our Vision into reality. It embodies who we are and what we do.

NFA Group Mission Statement

This proclamation shows how Our Mission is about supporting not only our young people through assisting with their care and learning but also their families and the communities in which they live.

Our Values

Our Values are a set of behaviours that both we as individuals and as an organisation live by.

The thinking behind this is that if we are truly behaving in line with our values, then we will instinctively understand what it means to be a part of NFA Group:

Deliver Promises: Be accountable. Take responsibility. Focus on outcomes.

Open & Honest: Be fair and transparent. Do the right thing. Act respectfully.

Inclusive Spaces: Create safe, nurturing environments. Care about what we do and each other. Value diversity.

Dream Big: Believe you can. Make positive changes. Inspire and innovate.

      NFA Group Values_Open and Honest

One Team

As we are two divisions – i) fostering ii) educational and residential – it is important that we act as One Team across the business by collaborating and sharing best practice to ensure we deliver our joint goal of improving the lives of thousands of young people and empowering them to find their place in the world and be as happy and as fulfilled as they can be.

How we’ve helped vulnerable young children make their way in the world

We are immensely proud to say that through our continued work to deliver on our promises and make positive changes, we have helped 840 children to find their forever homes and move into adoption.

Working together with local authorities, foster carers, social workers and birth families, we have been able to return 4,800 children and young people to their original homes, while a total of 2,000 have moved into independent living after leaving our care.

NFA Group Values_One Team

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